Connectivity and Data Augmentation

Scholar Metrics Scraper (SMS), a novel tool that uses the scholarly package to automate data extraction from GS for groups of researchers.  Cao Y, Cheung NA, Giustini D, LeDue J and Murphy TH (2024) Scholar Metrics Scraper (SMS): automated retrieval of citation and author data. Front. Res. Metr. Anal. 9:1335454. doi: 10.3389/frma.2024.1335454

Scholar Metrics Scraper workflow diagram including the architecture and major steps.

A Raspberry Pi-based widefield imaging system to be used for close-proximity dual-brain cortical mesoscale functional-imaging to simultaneously observe activity in two head-fixed animals in a staged social touch-like interaction. Michelson, N. J., Bolaños, F., Bolaños, L. A., Balbi, M., LeDue, J. M., & Murphy, T. H. (2023). Meso-Py: Dual Brain Cortical Calcium Imaging in Mice during Head-Fixed Social Stimulus PresentationeNeuro10(12), ENEURO.0096-23.2023.

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Task dependent cortical activity being collected 24/7, each image is a bi-hemispheric mouse cortex.


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*Supported in part by the Estate of Erika W. White. The purpose of this fund is to support research into the medical use of laser technology.

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